Gilchrist Sign


Harbour Town 1837

In 1809, the first family settled on the banks of the Vermilion River. William Handy, his wife and 3 children built a log cabin on the west bank.  By 1837 there were many settlers who made the area their home and a thriving ship building industry helped establish the new town.

Captain Joseph Clough Gilchrist

Born in Marine City, Michigan he made his start as a steward on a steamer and eventually work led him to Vemilion Ohio. In the early days he was member of the firm Moore, Bartok and Gilchrist which managed a fleet of wooden ships. He had great faith in the lake trade and later organized the Gilchrist Transportation Co and by 1905 he owned the second largest fleet of ships on the Great Lakes.

Captain J C Gilchrist


During the years spent in Vermilion he was one of many Great Lakes Captains living here. In conjuction with the shipbuilding he had a lumber business in town. Gilchrist later went on to include President of Coal & Iron National Bank in Cleveland as one of his many accomplishments.

Gilchrist Guesthouse Built 1885

The building of the Gilchrist home was a labor of love for his wife and 7 children.

circa 1900
Gilchrist children

Within two short years following the building of the family home J C Gilchrist suffered the loss of both his youngest daughter and his beloved wife Alice. The anguish that followed was too much for him to bear and the home brought too much sorrow and before long he moved from Vermilion to a new estate in Painsville Ohio.

In Loving Remembrance

1900 -1940

About 1900, the new owners turned the home into a hotel, that existed in this form until 1940 under the name Lakeside Inn and also Lakeside Hotel.

Lakeside Inn
Lakeside Hotel

1940 -1989

During this time period the house transitioned from home to apartments in many different forms. We do not have any full house pictures from this era.


In 1989, lifelong Vermilonites, Dan & Laura Roth purchased the home and modified it to become the lovely Bed and Breakfast that it remains today. The current ownership of Rita Young and her host brother Sid Jordan are working to continue the high quality standards of hospitality.